Brearley Bear is a registered trademark of the city centre Business Improvement District, Sheffield BID.

Brearley is used to animate the city centre at seasonal times of the year, encouraging young families to explore the area through interactive visitor trails including The Sheffield Christmas Trail.

The character takes its name from Sheffield industrial Harry Brearley (18 February 1871 – 14 July 1948) an English metallurgist, credited with the invention of "rustless steel" (later to be called stainless steel) in Sheffield.

Since 2018, Sheffield BID has used Brearley Bear for activities aligned to its own objectives of driving city centre footfall, visitor engagement and dwell time, as well as delivering wider social benefits for the community. The BID's immersive family events support learning and creativity as well as active travel, health and wellbeing.

Sheffield BID is working to innovate this asset through publishing, digital, location-based entertainment and other promotions, alongside an array of consumer product categories. Additional income raised through these activities is to be reinvested back into city centre improvements.